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1) the annual gay olympics. takes place in the fall, when a select group of the professional gays with the best regular season performance get together for the gayest event in the world. often called the "MLB playoffs" by the gay community. see also golympian.
1) the homo put the golympics on tv and the mom covered her sons eyes.

2) michael jordan took a brief break from basketball in the mid 90s to "experiment." fortunately, he wasn't gay enough and never made it past the qualifying rounds into the actual golympics.

3) the documentary, angels in the outfield, shocked the world as audiences saw the damaging impact the golympics can have on a child's psyche. unfortunately, banning the golympics in media outlets remains one of the most unattended to issues in modern america, along with global warming.
by lalegend October 07, 2010
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