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In ancient times a golden peacock was a warrior of the highest caliber. They were men who stood out as stronger, faster and better than other men. A golden peacock was often surrounded by beautiful women and was the envy of all other men. Often stories of the golden peacock would be considered to be legend since they were so unbelievable. Mostly they were thought to be gods on earth.

Today a golden peacock is strong, smart and successful. Most people who know him don't want to like him but they are quickly won over by his charm. He is sometimes thought of as arrogant or cocky, but people who know him know he is down to earth, just better than everyone else. Upon meeting a golden peacock women will often find it difficult not to get lost in his beautiful blue eyes, they will often flirt openly with him sometimes even offering him small gifts. His dark hair is perfect and well kept, often in a faux hawk. And his beard, his beard is the stuff of fables and lore.

If you ever happen to meet a legendary golden peacock, if you are a woman, offer him sex. If you are a man offer him money and/or a beer. You will not be sorry! Do yourself a favor and listen intently to his many stories of his grand journey through life.
Did you hear Jason got that promotion and he slept with those two hot chicks from the bar?

Damn, really? The dude is such a golden peacock! I wish I was him!
by MikeScarn January 05, 2017
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