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To indicate a woman's vagina is of very high quality in terms of tightness, moisture content and of course odour during sex.

The Holy Grail of every heterosexual man: the perfect pussy.

Not to be taken literally - cunts are very rarely golden in colour.
Damn bro, I bet that Milf has a golden cunt!

Shiiit, I need to get me a piece of a golden cunt.

"Quick bartholomew! To the Tower of Shinzegar with the sacred Golden Cunt!"
by Ash C December 02, 2005
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A chick who thinks there the shit but there not
Shut up you golden cunt or do you think you have a golgen cunt or something
by sly flyer November 29, 2005
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someone that reputably and consistently brings to light the negative byproducts of a situation without any constructive intentions. Just to be a useless condescending ass( even if unintentional ).
Steven: hey jack long time no see!

Jack: hey Steve! I heard you finally tied the knot was Susan.

Steven: yeah I'm really looking forward to it!

Jack: I just can't believe you went through with it.. inheriting all that debt.

steven: you know jack? You're a real golden cunt
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by Ying7Yang6 October 09, 2016
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