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a skier or snowboarder who has potential to be good looking with their snowboard/ski gear on i.e. goggles, helmet, hat, etc. BUT when gear is removed they are butt ugly.
Jo says: "Look at that guy, he looks really hot!"

Jess says: "Oh no, I saw him in the lodge, he's a goggleface"
by jomala92 December 29, 2011
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markings on the face that come from wearing goggles, such as in a science lab
Person 1: "You just got out of chem lab, didn't you?"
Person 2: "Yeah. Do I have goggle face or something?"
by uaf_chem_student September 29, 2009
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An insult aimed toward someone wearing eyeglasses. It is often the last resort of someone who is unable to come up with a clever comeback.
"Yeah? Well, you're a . . . goggleface!" - Pete the Viking
by mattdavey March 24, 2007
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