Occurs in movie franchises when a third installment of a movie franchise is widely considered disappointing compared to the previous two.

Based on The Godfather Part III, which is commonly considered inferior to Part I and II.
Seen Spiderman 3? Worst case of Godfather Syndrome I've seen in years.
by nrrork June 22, 2008
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When someone likes the famous "Godfather" movies (originally a book by Mario Puzo and made into a film by Francis Ford Coppola) so much that they become convinced that they are really a Mafia boss and try to act like they've just finished running their shooting scenes. Symptoms may include constant quotations, dressing like one of the Dons, obsessive interest in Sicily, listening to Tarantella over and over again, and becoming creepily and quietly aggressive.
godfather syndrome guy: "hey you, what are you looking at? that's right i'm talking to you."

random bewildered person: "leave me alone you creeper."

godfather syndrome guy: "you want me to leave? i'll tell you what to leave: leave the gun. take the cannoli."

random bewildered person: ..........
by AliceOctober September 21, 2009
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The week after you have first seen the Mario Puzo's The Godfather when you imagine yourself being the don of a mob within your city, school, etc.
You had major godfather syndrome when you pretended that there was a mafia in our school.

I can't believe that you pretented to have the homework business as one of your assets when you had godfather syndrome.
by Don Someguy April 15, 2009
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