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Used to indicate that one does not want to see, hear, know, or have anything to do with something. Used for comic effect.

Originates from an alleged, bad English-to-Chinese-to-English translation of Star Wars Episode III. In the end, Darth Vader's infamous "NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!" is subtitled "DO NOT WANT!"
"Check it out guys, naked photos of Donald Rumsfeld!"

by nrrork May 05, 2006

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A place for stoned teenagers to hang out at 3 am. Often pronounced possessive (Meijer's).
Example? Um... "Gee, a lot of stoned teenagers walk around in Meijer at 3 am!"
by nrrork October 06, 2005

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Occurs in movie franchises when a third installment of a movie franchise is widely considered disappointing compared to the previous two.

Based on The Godfather Part III, which is commonly considered inferior to Part I and II.
Seen Spiderman 3? Worst case of Godfather Syndrome I've seen in years.
by nrrork June 22, 2008

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