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The act of putting a goat's scrotum in another persons mouth.
Shut up or I'll goatbag you
by Killfall December 09, 2009
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Obnoxious/hilarious intruder of the once peaceful scrabble match or an apparatus for toating goats around.
ohh no, the goat bag is here make way for obnoxious scrabble interruption or Hey hand me that goat bag I need my goats.
by goatbag September 27, 2008
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An obnoxious yet highly entertaining experience. OR a bag for toting goats.
Yo Mel, look how annoyed you are trying to play scrabble... what a total goatbag hahaha!


Can you please pass me that goatbag I need to feed my goats
by goatbag October 17, 2008
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