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The act of slapping the life out of someone/something with one hit, commonly a housefly that happened to land on your hand while in front of witnesses so they can confirm your story and tell everyone how fast/strong you are or preferably on live TV like the real Obama.

It is most crucial to keep a straight face after executing such a feat and keep going like nothing happened and then when acknowledged about, brag like shiiiittt that was impressive wasnt it, I stay doing that all day.

NBC Interview.

President Obama: The signature characteristic of ahh our *laughter*.., sorry, hey, Im gonna start over at...hey get outta here *focuses chi while raising hand*
Gibbs: Thats the most persistant fly I have ever seen
Obama: *Goes OBama on the fy*
Camera man: jesus!!
Camera man and reporter: NIce!!!
*laughter in background, girlish giggles*
Obama: *straight faced coz hes that fast and can do this all day* Now Were were we.
Camera man:we're pros we were gonna catch it with chopsticks
Obama: That was pretty Impressive wasnt it?
Camera dude: YEah
Obama: I got it..s..I got the sucker. *pushes dead fly into open*What do you think Gibbs?
Gibbs: That was very good. Its on the.. *with Obama*its right there.
Obama: You *point to cameraman and the then to fly* wanna ffffilm that,*camera pans to recently decesead Musca Domestica* there it is *America, the proof*.
Gibbs: Ohh my *Laughs*
James: Yo that Sammy is a bitch so is his mom I...

Peter:really *chuckles*

Sammy: Watchu say about my momma

*runs from behind and slaps him across the ear, the ear pressure changes James gets dizzy, bammm hits the ground*

Anyhu, Peter wanna go play Prototype on xbox i got it now its sweet?

Peter: Umm sure yeah..wait WTF dude He passed out, OMG dude you Juss went Obama on his ass

Sammy: Word I can do this all day I stay knocking out cats with my Pimp hand, coz its way strong!!!

Pimp: bitch weres my money, yu didnt give daddy his bread las nyt, *powders hand with baby powder*

Ho: Daddy i got your money here *pulls out wards off cash from bra* Im Sorry daddy!!

Pimp: You lucky you my fayvaryt snow bunny shhiiiiittt, i was about to go Obama on your ass *slaps innocent bystander ho, coz once the pimp hand is powdered someone gonna get slapped for shoowa pimpin!!*
by mannafromhell June 24, 2009
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