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Idiom - said of an animal, to go into a burrow to escape from hunters. To go into hiding, e.g. from the police.
After robbing the 7-11, I plan to go to ground at my bro's crib.
by Laiane Wolfsong January 05, 2007
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when a person is falling deeper into a K-hole or other drug-induced state of incoherence and stupidity, and they start to slump over and eventually fall out of their chair, landing on the ground. At this point, they are also for the most part unable to communicate and just stare blankly (if their eyes are open). Also occurs when your roll kicks in hard, and first you have to stop dancing and stand still for a minute, cuz you just wanna FEEL it, then you just have to sit down, just for a minute, then your head's tilted back with your eyes rolled back in yer head fo' DAYS!!!! If you're not at a club or other public place you might get kicked out of, usually progresses to sitting on the floor and leaning on the wall or furniture, and maybe even to just laying on the ground or one another, sprawled out cuz you're goin' THRU it!!!
Those K-whores put so much shit up their noses, I just sat back and watched as, one by one, they all started to go to ground.
by brooklyn516 September 19, 2004
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