1. "That rainbow shirt is so go phillies"

2. The dermatologist informed me that anyone who is prescribed Accutane must use 2 forms of birth control. I asked: "But what if you're go phillies?
by gophillies300 February 4, 2023
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Euphemism for going out and buying an eightball of yayo(look it up asshole). Derrived from the excuse for why your dad needs to give you that extra sixty bucks.
"Hey Dad I'm going to philly, can I have sixty bucks"

"Hey John, wanna go to philly? Hells yeah!"
by Debacho Boy January 16, 2004
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Your excuse for not going out because you're going to go give oral or have sex with somebody.
Sorry, I can't make it to your birthday party, I'm going to philly.
by Julia_AC August 11, 2015
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