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1. when smack someone in the face with a glove
2. you do this when you challenge someone to a duel
nazi glove slap are done by back handing someone with a glove
by PlayDohMan May 13, 2004
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After having protected sex, the man removes the "filled" condom and slaps his partner in the face with it.
My girl and I just had sex but complained because I came and she didn't. I challenged her to a duel old school style by removing my condom and giving her a glove slap across the face!
by savgT June 04, 2018
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A synonym for "high five" that is used in baseball. A celebratory gesture.
Cal Ripken made a good play, so I went over and gave him a glove slap.
by ThunderManzi March 09, 2011
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