getting head (male.) the 'glottis' is the back of your soft pallet and the entrance to the throat, and 'glottal' is the adjectival form.
We couldn't have sex, so we just did some glottal knocking.
by eepah October 2, 2009
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The sound British people make in place of the "t" sound when they say "water bottle".
1: I'm Bri'ish and I need a wo'er bo'el right now
2: How many glottal stops was that?
by EEDNB September 24, 2020
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A fierce and unrelenting blowjob that passed the glottal stop.
“Damn, last night that Throat Goat, Blow job Betty, gave me that slam dunk glottal throttle.”
by TeeDheazy June 26, 2023
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Someone who refuses to shut up.
Dang, Michael sure is being a glottal today. So talkative.
by Black Doll 123 March 7, 2018
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