The only way I could get over my glossophobia was to pretend that the audience was all dressed in chicken outfits.
by enigmababy7 October 3, 2006
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A fear of public speaking or performing in front of an audience, more commonly known as stage fright.
Mimi: Meiko, why'd you run away when we were about to do our dance routine?
Meiko: I kind of have glossophobia.
Mimi: Glossiwha?
Meiko: Stage fright.
by SadiShizukoStic April 28, 2017
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This word is an phobia as seen in the name. It Presents fear of public speaking, as you are having a fear of saying things and people dont like it or to make an error in the speaks. But mostly people have this as i have too. for example:
Imagine if you had to go in public speak you would say like (if you had glossophobia) I.. Uh. um. I will. uh... oh!.. uh. ah.. uh. Like this. Hope ive helped u :D
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Person 1: "Can you perform a speech for our company?"
Person 2: "Sorry, I am unable to as I have glossophobia."
by 1l1umi July 14, 2021
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