A name used for an auto tuner from Atlanta
Hey have you listened to that new auto tuned song Global Boy put out?
by WheresBomplex August 9, 2021
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One and only JIMIN!!
Jimin the cutie,sexy,lovely and record making boy from South Korea is known as Global IT BOY.
Park Jimin is bigger then BTS and Kpop,his charms makes every local whipped for him,it makes them question their sexuality.

His beautiful dance moves,vocals,looks everything is so fine and the man is angel .
His smile,eyes,cheeks every details makes him so handsome.

Stream Filter+Serendipity+Promise+Christmas love ~

"Once you JIM-IN u can't JIM-OUT "
Jimin is one and only Global It Boy.

Global It Boy "Jimin" is now King of Kpop !!
by RI13 November 14, 2021
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Park Jimin main dancer and lead vocalist of BTS, recognized as the recruiting fairy and Stan attractor of BTS because of his incredible talents. His song Promise is the most streamed track of all time on SoundCloud
Park Jimin the global it boy is always attracting new fans, locals and even celebrities.
by Pinkmochii June 30, 2021
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