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Northern Ireland true Premier Football Club founded 1882.

Hailing from the East side of Belfast they draw support from all over Northern Ireland (and beyond) and from both sides of the sectarian divide.

Famous for playing attractive football and great craic at games at the home ground (The Oval)

Famous players include Danny Blanchflower, Peter Docherty, Billy Bingham and current Premiership player Glen Little.

Their biggest rivals are Lifield F.C. who play their home games at Windsewer or Whinger Park. Well known for being Glasgow Rangers wannabees and hating anyone who isn't white, Protestant and a Linfield fan.
Favourite saying among glentoran fans include

Fuk the Blues

Mon the Glens

Cheer up David Jeffery

by Glen Toran September 18, 2006
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Glentoran are a foul loathscome football club hailing from the great unwashed part of Belfast(;bar Bluemen living there, of course). They will forever be in the shadow of Linfield FC, yet their fans tend to be disillusioned, almost as much as the 8,590,378,290 Celtic fans that went to Seville. They are uneducated eejits, and will never be the better side, they are also somewhat jealous and infuriated that Linfield's stadium is the national one, whilst there's lies shoddily under the cranes of H&W. Their manager, Paul Millar, is also somewhat (I mean extremely somewhat) deluded, with comments such as "boy, this is some squad" *guffaw*
Boy, that Glentoran team are rubbish.
by Davie Moore July 03, 2006
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