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The most rad core residential college at La Trobe University, Bundoora. It has a partying atmosphere expect during exam time when procrastination is vital to the well being of students. This procrastination utilises such mediums as facebook, myspace and urban dictionary.
You'll never meet a more friendlier bunch than the folk of Glenn. So come on down and enjoy a meal which you cannot do at any other La Trobe college.
Overall Glenn College is the best, especially when compared to such inferior colleges as Menzies, who cares about Chisholm.
Year 12 student considering options: "When I make the wise choice of being a humanities student at La Trobe I will live in Glenn College, because I have heard it is the best!"
by ducky mcduck duck June 18, 2008
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lol glenn is like so shit. it's the shittest place ever. the people there are shit. the atmosphere is shit. and don't get me started on the meals. shit on a plate would be a compliment for the mutated garbage they cook up for the zombie masses that attend this arsehole of the world.

it's ship
Oh my God Becky, look at that Glenn College dickhead. like what a dickhead
by Glenny Guy September 17, 2008
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