Relatively small and (seemingly) insignificant town 40 minutes east of Pittsburgh. Only reason I bring it up is that it's home to:
-Rolling Rock Beer
-Arnold Palmer (used to be known for golfing)
-First banana split
-First pro football game
-Steelers training camp
Lah-trobe or Lay-trobe???
only the true locals of latrobe will ever know
by Dandaman September 03, 2007
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A small town filled with, whores, ho's, fuck boys and assholes, where every one fails life do to alcoholism and drug, where half the people that used to live here are in prison, and everyone is drinking and smoking underage. And ecspecially being robbed and fucked over
Wow! I went to Latrobe and I'm never going back
by Fuck Latrobe April 18, 2017
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