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Person / Persons who are always happy, and tend to not to stray to typical 'emo' trends. In fact, they find the idea quite repulsive. Thus, the emotion that they convey is always glee. Not for use in a derogatory manner.
See that kid listening to The Aquabats? He's totally gleemo.
by TheMunchy October 11, 2005
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A GleefulEmo
Simply a Happy, somewhat Spazy Person Who Enjoys The emo-style They Dress And Talk Like Emos.... but they Give out free hugs, And Sometimes Listen to techno Why else would Painic! Have gotton so rad on!
Real Emo: So.... My Life pretty Much Sucks
Gleemo: Oh, i'm Sorry......{hug} Heehee
{Runs away to hug others, Somewhat triping over scarf and pushing hair back into face}
Random hugged Person: Girl Is Fine, Pysco, but FIiiNnEee
by I'mInlovewithlipringBOY May 08, 2007
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The next logical step in the evolution from Goth to Perky Goth, to Emo, to Gleemo. Gleemo is perky with Bright Colors, Glitter and Jazz Hands.
Gleemo says, "I hate walking in the rain because it makes my glitter run." Tosses hair and Jazz Hands
by SomataWichu March 13, 2009
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Title for persons who wear skinny jeans, have bieber hair or scene girl hair in their face, and enjoy watching the show Glee ruin good music.
On a Gleemo Facebook Status: OMG!! Forget You by Cee-Lo is gonna be on glee tonight yayy! : ) : ) ...i hate my dad
by pdverner February 20, 2011
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A combination of glam and emo. When someone takes their emo style and zazzes it up a bit with some glam.
I really like how Apryl jazzed up her emo skinny jeans with some gold high heals and grandma jewelry! Totally gleemo!
by EmotionalSalad February 02, 2008
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Music that is the antitheses of the depressing themes common in emo music but expressive all the same. Almost show-tuny is some respects, inspired by the happy hits on Fox's 'Glee'. For example, Owl City's Fireflies. "I get a 1000 hugs from 10,000 lightning bugs".
Omg, that Owl City song is like totes gleemo. I love it!!!
by lovehapp November 01, 2009
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