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A group of human beings averaging from age 14-21 who spend a majority of their time in the grassy much loved refuge of glebe park in canberras concrete center.

Most common time for the glebe park kids to inhabit this area, would be a friday night when social activites such as drinking, smoking and hating on the government and the world, take place. Its a place where people from thier schools or families who have been mistreated misrepresented and misheard or rejected flee to to find similar humans to talk with.
glebe park kids are much hated amongst the community for thier rebelious and illegal behaviour. A lot of time is spent causing anarchy in near by areas.
A glebe park kid is someone who hangs out there for more than an hour a time minimum 3 days a week.
(formely known as the goon bag kids from the 'silver pillow' in the city center)
kid 1:im going to glebe to hang out.

kid 2(glebe outsider):omg your such a glebe kid

police:we have reports of underage drinking again.

police2: lets go , was it those glebe park kids again?
by TME-xgpk May 12, 2011
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