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Used as part of a sarcastic remark meaning "Move, I can't see though you." Because you aren't made of glass, and your father made you. He's not a glassmaker.

Alternate: "Your father wasn't a glass blower"
Hey, your daddy ain't no glassmaker! Move it, I'm watching my stories!
by msvalley February 28, 2018
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(n) A vagina belonging to a virginal young woman.

-Derived for the idea of a vagina having so much pressure built up, that if a grain of sand were to enter, it would be immediately turned to glass.
Hey friend, did you see that girl's glass maker? I would love to penetrate that vagina.
by Scurvy Leper March 25, 2009
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common sarcastic remark referring to your parental units when you're blocking someone's view especially when you're a cross dresser

"yo horace! was your father a glass maker? because you're blocking the tv gyal!"

by Jennny August 04, 2006
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