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'new architecture' building consisting of glass and metal plates
with "climate control" and windows that don't open.

many while away their lives here "working", tapping shit into the computer or jabbering on the phone; hustling for money. usually a "skyscraper", possibly hundreds of feet tall/wide; blocking the horizon.

if some kind of catastrophe occurs, exiting can prove to be somewhat problematic!
no more 'skonk'!! i've got to "prepare for battle" in the glass coffin!

i don't mind "working", but don't want to die in a glass coffin!!

mike foolsley, the architect had studied 'cool' architecture, but ended up designing glass coffins.
by michael foolsley June 09, 2011
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When you drop your guts in the shower and the moisture makes the situation exponentially worse, essentially trapping both you and your stench in the shower
“Oh my fucking god, that was terrible” - Greer
What have you done?” - Ben

“I was having a shave in the shower and blew off, the smell was unbearable” - Greer

“Oh no; nothing worse than the ‘ole glass coffin” - Ben
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by Thiccbenji420 September 09, 2019
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