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Any motorcycle in the Suzuki GSXR family. Variants include the GSXR400, GSXR600, GSXR750, GSXR1000 and GSXR1300 (More commonly acknowledged as the "Hayabusa")

Gixers are high perfomance sportsbikes ridden by mentalists world wide!
Ben popped a minger on his Gixer whilst simultaneously laughing insanely and giving the schmuck in the Scooby the bird.
by Ben Turvill November 26, 2006
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Pronounced: Gik sir

Someone who wastes 24 other raiders time with random fuck ups.
1) Pulling patrols during boss fights
2) Ninja DC's
3) Hearthing to repair while a repair bot is dropped.

"Ahh what fucking Gixer pulled that patrol."
by Hanzel May 31, 2007
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