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Giving it a try. So determining whether something works or how something works by using it and seeing if/when it doesn't work (trying something).
Just like give it a whirl. Probably related to taking a car around for a test drive where you drive in a loop or a lap around the neighborhood or track. Or maybe this one comes from spinning a wheel (of fortune) or roulette wheel/whatnot at a casino. As in, "Give that thing a spin and you'll go bankrupt".
Joe: Hey, I ain't paying 5 Gs for that piece of shit beat up Fiesta!
Jack: Nah bro! It actually rides pretty well! Give it a spin!

Joe: Wanna have sex with my wife instead?
Jack: No way she's all busted!
Joe: Common bro! She rides pretty well! Give it a spin!
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by burratt February 06, 2017
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