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Ok so a guy and a girl both spin around with their heads on baseball bats till they get really dizzy like that relay race called dizzy izzy. then they try and have sex. good luck getting it in the right hole
"Dude i pulled a spinning jenny on that chick last night and my dick ended up in her nose."
by Hunter B 27406 April 03, 2008
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Spinning Jenny was derived from the cotton gen which was made by a black man in the industrial revolution. This new usage for Spinnig Jenny refers to making money.
Man 1: Homie you stackin major scrilla.
Man 2: That's 'cause I stay on the grind and I stay spinning jenny.
by B.K. Vaughan May 27, 2006
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It’s when a girl gives a guy a BJ and spins in a circle while doing it. Usually the male is lying flat while the girl repeivly moves in a specific motion to give maxim pleasure.
Dude last night my girlfriend gave me a spinning Jenny!
by Call_of_Who April 20, 2018
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