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Micheal Noon Is A '' Gisset'' Which Is Between The Top Of You Cock And Your Stomach

Look At The Size Of Your Gisstet Phowww
Toby Wares Mike You Gisset

Micheal Noon Sod Of Toby Wares You Gisset

Toby Wares Safe Bruvva

Micheal Noon Skeen
by Shortyyy1991 March 24, 2011
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Is someone who is very serious when it comes to life. Very independent, and intelligent. A Gisset is also very earnest, funny, confident, loyal, and shy. This person is a leader that stays with the person their with. Family is first for her/him.
That girl is very independent and intelligent! Must be a Gisset.
by Gisset October 29, 2019
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