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-noun gurth-eegob-ler
1. Referring to the large penis (size) to hole (circumference) ratio in terms of width and length during inter coarse.

2. A stupid, silly, or obstinate event.

3. A stupid, silly, or obstinate person.


1. how one person destroyed another person in sexual inter coarse.

2. describe a person in a negative and or positive way depending on the verbage.

Explanation of and uses of girthygobbler

In many cases in heterosexual inter coarse, the penis will make contact with the cervix in the back of the vagina, or the back of the throat in a woman who hasn't acquired the deep throat technique and yes, even anal. This is applied to all areas of sexual inter course and may even be adapted to bigger than average objects, statistics, events and yes even insults are more than welcome.

Correct spelling and suffix variations of girthygobbler

girthygobbler, girthygobblered, girthygobblers, girthygobblering, girthygobblin, girthygobblined, girthygobblered, girthygobblerless

Originally coined/created in Knoxville, Tennessee, 2007.
1. Ryan, Tommy and Rich just gave their ladies the girthygobbler destruction platter.

2. Becky just rode a girthygobblerless guy in the back of your moms car.

3. Layne just gave us a shat load of nasty stinky girthygobblers by leaving that quickly.

4. Kiffen just girthygobblered our football team and future program by leaving so abruptly.

5. John, that girthygobblin s.o.b. just lied.

6. A good girthygobblering cures all illnesses and goes great with chicken noodle soup and tomato soup.

7. I just girthygobblined/girthygobblered that ass.

8. Patrick thats one big ass girthygobbler.
by girthygobbler April 05, 2010
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