The act of being unproductive, doing nothing, or nearly nothing, while being an attractive dainty woman.
after work, you’ll find me girlrotting in bed.
by lanacore March 8, 2023
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They call it a "trend", it's simply a symptom of depression.What is so good about spending hours, days, months, years of your life on your bed? Online? You're 11, no one cares about you, you get depressed and next thing you know, you're 15, and you're on the bed writing the definition of a stupid word. And in 3 days it's your birthday. And you have no friends. And you're scared. And you don't wanna grow up. And you wanted to have a big party, with a lot of people, with a cake, with friends for your birthday. But you won't. Wish me a happy birthday in 3 days. It will be the worst day of my life because I spent years girlrotting
someone: "why are you lonely? weren't you girlrotting?"
me:"yeah that's why I am lonely, and alone."
by xlse June 2, 2024
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