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A beautiful, hilarious, smart and THICC girl, who has a great personality and a lovely smile. She has lots of friends and deserves the world. She is greatly loved by all.
John: so who u datin lol
Cecil: I'm dating Giniah
John: Ahaaaa nice my dude
by Grand Pappy December 19, 2017
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Giniah is a chicc magnet, she will steal your girl from miles away. Giniah 9is the most smartest, finest, gayest girl you will ever meet. Giniah likes her pussy wet and juicy ! She has good grades her smile is pretty she has a dimple in her left cheek. she is unique, he doesn't like to be compared to others. giniah is independent girl.
Gabriella: Yall i just got cuffed
John: By who ?
Gabriella: The finest, sexiest, gayest, loyalest girl.
John: Who ????
Gabriella: Giniah..
by cloutttbanjiii June 04, 2018
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