when children who were once considered the "gifted" or "smart" kids in class grow up to underperform academically and (likely) socially. the kid who actually liked doing homework and got all A's when they were nine but by sixteen aren't doing well in school and often feel crushing disappointment at the loss of approval teachers and parents once gave them. often have problems socializing, have poor mental health, and resort to drinking/drugs/other forms of escapism. usually really smart, but still do poorly/average in school.
amanda: didn't you used to get straight A's? what happened?

angela: i started underperforming and because my entire self-esteem rested on my grades so now i have no idea what to do lol anyway now i'm a gifted kid burnout
by giftedkidburnout January 12, 2018
Used to be titled as "gifted" as a child but now spends most of their time smoking weed and avoiding their problems
Jason is a gifted kid burnout I feel kind of bad for him.
by Lolfuckoff August 20, 2017
Gifted Kid Burnout is a phenomenon that occurs in school children who were labeled "gifted" by their schools early on.

This occurs when a younger student (usually between 3rd to 6th grade) is praised and rewarded constantly for learning and understanding concepts faster than the average student. Whenever that student hits a wall where they dont already understand the concepts at their level, they panic because the student does not know how to study correctly, since they never truly had to until this point. A feeling of panic and uselessness usually occurs, leading to disinterest in school, and plummeting mentally as a result.
Tommy was super smart back in grade school, I think he is suffering from gifted kid burnout now though.
by Shitter69 May 12, 2022