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Pronoun, \ ˈgif , ˈjif + ˈlȯrd \
Usage is gender-neutral.

1. An individual who shows a strong passion for gifs or looping video files.
2. One who dictates or creates gifs, especially ones of high quality.
3. Someone obsessed with using gifs in digital conversations to add expression, much like the modern use of emojis.
4. A giflord who specifically creates gif memes or viral trending gifs, may also be classified as a "memelord".
1. Hanna, the giflord, loves to browse for her favorite gifs.

2. Daniel spends his mornings making high quality gifs. What a giflord.

3. A typical giflord will always include at least 1, if not 50 gifs, during any given texting conversation.
4. Wow John gets top comment on internet forums with just gifs? That's giflord level.
by bitpixi February 14, 2018
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