Idiot word for 'Give'.
Often used in World of Warcraft to express an item they need or is better than their current, known as a "Epic equipment", or "epixx" for some
neeeed, pleez gief epixx!
by Wavey April 19, 2006
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A common Internet gamers term for 'give'.
(Epic sword drops from BWL boss in WoW)

"Zomg gief me w00t epixx omfg I pwn"
by Dhillon April 21, 2006
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Verb. The act of two penises touching one another. Similar to crossing swords, but usually implies that the act is intentional on the part of both parties and that the two meet head-on. The term is usually used in a playful manner to imply that both men are super-gay because they participate in the gayest act anyone could ever think of.
Tom was supposed to be Harry's wingman last night but they ended up giefing in the closet all night at the afterparty.
by luvs2gief September 29, 2007
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To openly taunt your fellow MSN users by using made up words
I totally giefed you and you didn't notice. Why's there a tree sticking out your head?
by Bootler May 10, 2006
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1. A shameful loss, like one who has been given an Ultra Atomic Buster by Zangief.

2. When one gets "owned", but even more embarrassing.
"Oh, man! She said you were too stupid to date! You got Giefed!!"
by KcMsterpce April 18, 2009
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Gief (geef)
Giefed, Giefing.

A verb taken from the name Zangief, a street fighter character with a powerful Gief is a physical act of excessive or extraordinary power usually done with the assistance of rage.
I've got to hit the gym and gief up for boot camp.

Someone giefed into the snack machine after their chips got stuck.

If you scratch my car, nothing is going to stop me from giefing you to the ground.
by Urvine May 17, 2011
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In the video game series Street Fighter there is a character named Zangief. However fans like to call him Geif for short. Mostly because it just sounds funny and is shoter then saying Zangeif.
I want to the arcade to play some Street Fighter IV but I got beat by a Gief player.
by RyuX March 18, 2009
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