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n. Australian colloquialism. A fishing implement which consists of a long thin shaft of wood, fibre glass, carbon fibre or one of many metals and alloys such as titanium and aluminium which is fitted with one of many spear fishing tips. On the blunt end, is attached a rubber loop which is pulled up the shaft and held fast and provides propulsion. In this position it is loaded. When a target is sighted, the fisherman is require to be within the distance of the spear, once achieved, he lets go of the shaft and it shoots forward until the back end is either stopped by the retention of the rubber loop, it embeds itself into the target or it comes to rest on the ocean floor, reef etc.
"Hey, lets go snorkeling down the beach, and bring your gidgey, we might be able to catch some fish."
by Darren E January 24, 2008
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the colloquilizm (australian) for almost anything
ah my gidgey hurts.
hey can you scratch my gidgey
by aydo May 24, 2004
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