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a highly intense feeling of shivers down your spine when your loved one (especially a romantic partner) elicits a sensation of complete joy in you by whispering or saying something so incredibly beautiful, passionate and heartfelt. It puts your head in a spin and sends your heart racing... this is when you are feeling... the gibblegummies. Gibblegummies can be felt but does not necessarily have to be expressed (e.g. it is your choice whether or not you tell your lover they are giving you the gibblegummbies)

*hint: depending on the special moment, actually telling your partner you're being gibblegummied might potentially ruin an extremely romantic second :)
"wow... i can see their both feeling the gibblegummies"

two sweet hearts looking into each others eyes:
"honey, you're so stunning... you're eyes are so lovely... you're giving me the gibblegummies"
partner looks away puzzled but at the same time secretly delighted :)
by <3<3<3firefly June 10, 2010
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