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when you feel like you're going to take a crap but nothing or almost nothing comes out.
Billy: Dude, I gotta take a huge dump
Brian: Awesome.
Billy: Damnit, it was a ghost crap. I didn't crap anything at all.
by kilometeros July 10, 2008
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When you are too edgy to say ghost shit, so you say the polished version of it.

So like, when you are at school, and the teacher doesn't want you to cuss, you say ghost crap. But I have no clue why people would you say "ghost crap" at school.
Cayle: Wow, what a nice dump I took there.
Cayle: Wait, why is my @$$ clean?
Cayle: TF? Why is there nothing?!
Cayle: Must be ghost sh-- I mean, ghost crap.
by broception_15 May 12, 2019
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