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Random, double parking in the ghetto in order to talk to friends, buy drugs, etc.
Sue was delayed 5 minutes by all the ghetto lane traffic blocking her way.
by wayno December 17, 2004
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The right side of the road when entering an intersection. This is often used for drivers who are turning right but in the ghetto it is used as a thru-lane wherein ghetto sleds can creep past the waiting cars and then floor it when the light turns green. Within a few hundred feet or yards the Ghetto Lane user will need to merge back into the main lane, this usually involves cutting off cars, near-misses with pedestrians, and possibly running over cyclists.

The Ghetto Lane is often referred to as the G-Lane. This preserves some sense of political-correctness but also serves to account for the synonym - Gangster Lane - so used because the Ghetto Lane is often used by Gangsters.
Look alive up here, this intersection has a ghetto lane.
by Ghetto Lane December 15, 2014
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