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Ghanti refers to (illegal)unwanted immigrants to the state of Goa on the west coast of India. It was originally used to refer to inhabitants beyond the Western Ghats which acts as a physical barrier separating Goa from the Indian subcontinent. It is now used in common parlance to derogatorily refer to non-Goan Indians. Its a product of the inevitable anti-outsider xenophobic sentiment experienced by locals when there is a massive influx of poor unskilled laborers from poorer regions to a prosperous tourist destination. Its often cited as the source of most problems like job scarcity, cultural denigration, inexplicable behavioral habits, rising crime rates, garbage, slums, high cost of living etc.
Look at those shameless ghantis.
Its the ghantis again!
The ghantis are coming..
Where do the ghantis get such money?
The ghantis sure take the phrase saving for a rainy day to a whole new level.
by Wraith Unleashed December 11, 2009
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