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To exert oneself so vigorously after a particularly sinful activity that some form of waste is caused leave the body. The purge of sin may occur immediately following, the morning after, or even after a longer period of dormancy. Considered to be healthy because of the typically delapidated state the body is left in. Body waste may be in the form of spew, piss that burns, poo, sperm, blood, scabs, tears, or hedonistic sweat.

In all cases, the body is undergoing a self-defense mechanism to purge large quantities of perceived or unrecognized sin so that the conscience is unburdened and guilt is absolved.
hey hub that cop cut me when he found out i got his wife pregnant. worst way to get the sin out, bro; i was bleeding so much i wrote a cuss word on the sidewalk.
by intellektualspew April 22, 2008
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