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One of the few places in metropolitan New York where inbreeding isn't frowned upon. FAS and other infant alcohol related symptoms run rampant in this area as well.
Stay away from Gerritsen Beach Bobby, you don't want to associate yourself with those characters.
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Gerritsen beach is a little community in the most southern part of brooklyn and its the only place in New York where there is more alcoholics than there are girls and you can find people partying everywhere if its in the bantry ,the dockside, The Tamaqua, Jims Marine in aka Jims ma, the park, and even in the weeds. Then when theres a keg party the age of drunk people goes from 11-23. When its time to buy beer its a rush to the chinese store on the corner to buy as much beer as u can. When u kill all your beers its time to go to the bantry and waste $100 on beer n liquor. When thats all done that is when shit goes down for example beating up three black kids from another neighbor hood.
gerritsen beach for life summa 06 at the spot i will neva forget it
by ppatty cakes September 06, 2006
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an irsih shanty town in the bowls of brooklyn
gerritsen beach is a small town located in the southren most part of brooklyn .... all most all kids there either smoke weed of drink alot of alcohol.. kids here think there cool when they drive in there little cars out side the "skate park" or A.P gb is the stupides town but its intentiions are good are mostt of the "older" people there are good ... gerritsen beeach is now fillledd with guidos pot heads and losers
by legomyego July 26, 2008
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