Another word for homosexual.

A person who thinks there shit doesn't smell.

And ussually a person who enjoys other men's penises.

Who thinks they can do anything they want, and has a bad voice.
Regular guy: Dude what are you doing
Regular guy: Fag...
Regular Guy 2: Yeah he's a gerrish
Regular Guy: oh, now i understand.
by Jess Andrews August 8, 2006
A human being who is big hearted and is always followed by big dick energy. Always takes in other peoples thoughts and feeling but is simply miss understood.
Damn I wish we had a gerrish around
by gofallg's January 27, 2020
A strong hearted being with the ultimate big dick energy, whilst taking in other peoples feelings but is simply miss understood.
Damn I wish we had a gerrish around.
by gofallg's January 27, 2020
verb - to gerrish

pronounced - jer ished

doing something stoopid to someone/something/yourself
generally used in past tense.
including breaking, ruining, getting really drunk or stoned losing,
at times gerrish can replace almost any negative verb

variations include self gerrishment, etc
bud, you got gerrished

nah, it was purely self gerrishment

you still got gerrished
by dookilizma August 21, 2010