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A type of girl who tends to be shy and quiet in certain surroundings. Georgine's are usually loud only with the people she's comfortable with, she's sarcastic, rude and sassy but origins from her sense of humor. These types of girls are seen as materialistic and high maintenance but are completely the opposite but enjoy the luxury lifestyle within limits. Georgine's typically hide away from romantic relationships has they wait for the right person who shares the same values as her to come into their lives and will never share their romantic feelings towards people, many of times she's unaware of the type of people she attracts as she teases them without any knowledge of doing so. These types of girls are independent and strive to work within themselves before involving a partner or becoming a mother as those things are far from their minds, georgine's are full of life and want to enjoy the simple things life can offer her but also may be manipulative within certain aspects of her life.
" damn, i asked that girl out and she did a complete georgine on me"
" bro, she laughed it off and walked away yup thats a georgine"
by always slaying December 12, 2018
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