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When a fairytale of a young woman grabs a man considerably older than her by the arm and escorts him up a boulevard for no apparent reason.

The exact origin of the expression is unclear, although some trace it back to a scene in the french movie score 'The Fabulous Destiny of Amélie Poulain'

The shots from the scene are blurry and hyper-fast and if it wasn't for Amélie's descriptions to the blind old man we wouldn't know what we were seeing either: like the sugarplum ice cream and slices of melons. When she leaves him at the métro, after describing for him all the sights along the boulevard he travelled every day but had never seen, he's in rapture and almost hypnotized by joy at someone noticing him and at this gift of sight that Amélie has temporarily given him.
Nicholas: 'She's the only one I can remember
who took me by the arm and walked with me
in that kind of old-fashioned way. I don't even
know what that move is called.'

Andrè: 'That's the georgette-grip, Nico!

You had a night out to remember.'
by Burma Jonez May 08, 2013
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