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An interjection popular in Canadian speech. According to linguists, a "politeness marker."

Adding "eh" to a sentence can indicate the speaker's willingness to accept dissent or to invite further discussion. Has been referred to as an "articulated question mark."

The interpretation of "eh" as carrying meaning beyond other routine interjections (huh?) is supposed to be uniquely Canadian. "Ascertaining the comprehension, continued interest, agreement, etc., of the person or persons addressed" is how the Canadian Oxford Dictionary puts it.
"Let's do something, eh?" -- where 'eh' is 'do you agree?'
"We could get a pizza, eh?" -- where 'eh' is 'if you would like to'
"I don't know about that, eh?" -- where 'eh' is 'but perhaps I might be convinced if you explained further'
"What's that, eh?" -- where 'eh' is 'I would appreciate, friend of mine, hearing your interpretation'
"The beer's cheap here, eh?" -- where 'eh' is 'so what would you like to do about that'
"It's after last call, eh?" -- where 'eh' is 'were you aware'
by K.M. Mennie August 22, 2006

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On on-line discussion groups, abbreviation for "dear hubby." Less common: "dear husband," "dearest h*," "darling h*."

Frequent users include SAHMs, Christians; any group with the right combination of insecurity, self-righteousness, and poor education.

Often inexplicably used with an insult, usually cutesy: "my DH is a nice man, but ugly as a shaved kitten." Tends to be near emoticons, LOL and its various permutations, capitalisation-free text, and spelling errors.

Also seen, possibly thanks to the irritation of being referred to as a DH, is XH -- "ex-hubby."
even my dh is comenting on how much more junk mail im getting since i started posting to this bb,roflmao!!!!

The DH and I very much enjoyed the professional service and fine dining atmosphere of The Olive Garden. We really enjoy authentic, gourmet Italian food!!!! DH spoils me there by ordering an ENTIRE BOTTLE of wine.

Kelly-Lee, your DH sounds like such a wonderful man. I only wish my BF would hurry up and propose now that I'm pregnant!!!!

my dh is totally embarased whenever i want him to buy tampax for me!!!!
by K.M. Mennie August 28, 2006

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An overpriced restaurant with polyester tablecloths.

Actual "fine dining" restaurants rarely, if ever, call attention to themselves as such, just as a gentleman does not, by definition, call himself a gentleman.

Give-aways: excess text on the menu (see examples below), capitals on all restaurant-related terms, inflated prices, "house brands" of bottled water and similar, faux-luxe decor, cheap silverware, poor-quality ingredients in fussy recipe, abuse of any of the following: "oven-roasted" (never simply roasted), "sun-dried" (never simply dried), "French," "infused," &c, pretensions to internationalism despite solid Americanisms, like calling blue cheese or fromage bleu "bleu cheese."

Hallmarks of the service include having too many things done with you without your asking for them, such as removing the lid from ketchup bottles. They are normally pretentious, fussy, and ignorant about the food.
On the menu where "spaghetti" should be:

A delightlful Medley of oven-roasted vegetables in a basil-infused tomato reduction Sauce, topping hand-crafted Durum Wheat pasta cooked to Perfection. Offered with Premium parmesan, hand-grated by your Server. $29.95

In the advertising:

Oilivierio's offers a Fine Dining Establishment for your pleasure. Located in (some chain hotel). Chef Antonio Italianobut Bornintorontonio takes pride in the variety of Gourmet dishes he has created. Come and enjoy a meal at Olivierio's today with the $2-off coupon in your ValPak coupon circular to discover the soul of Italy -- right here in Bells Corners!
by K.M. Mennie August 28, 2006

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On Craigslist, eBay, and no end of similar sites, "almost worn out."

From a CL post:

"This is the trendy term used to describe all items sold on CL. WTF? Did you never plop into bed or lay on the couch? No, of course not, this is CL where you "gently used" your shit, but it's somehow thrashed out when I come over and look at it. Oh and my personal favorite is the seller who takes the same fucking picture 15 feet away four times. No closups, no brand/model names and of course, no phone or location. The toilet paper I just flushed down the drain is gently used, but your couch and loveseat look like shit."

Only used panties, shoes, stockings, etc, are sold as "well worn," which in that case, means the original sales tags have been removed.
FOR SALE: Gently used sofa.

Less than six years old. Mustard yellow with avocado floral design. Some fabric missing from cushions (it was our kitties' favourite!). $500.
by K.M. Mennie August 28, 2006

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Euphemism for drunk, popularised by Canadian political satire magazine (qv Britain's 'Private Eye') "Frank." May also refer to a habitual drinker/alcoholic; somewhat synonymous with "over-refreshed."
Stephen Harper, not normally seen in the company of the moist and garrulous, was coaxed to attend the party...
by K.M. Mennie August 23, 2006

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Searching for spilled/dropped drugs on the floor.

May be a leisurely pass-time amongst pot-heads, and can appear to be an obsessive compulsive disorder for cocaine users; the extent to which it is an enjoyable and fruitful activity is dependent on both the drug and the circumstances.

Less frequently, "window shopping," which is often more in line with the tendency to get nothing.

See also the Fabulous Furry Freak Brothers strip in which Phineas constructs a home drug recycling machine with which to sort out the sweepings from the Freak Bros' rug.
You know things are dry when even the dealer's going floor shopping.
by K.M. Mennie August 29, 2006

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