1) The act of generically defining a subject.
2) Software: the process of re-writing code so it is generic and re-usable for many projects. i.e. Forming a template.
The process of genericizing the myriad implementations of the project was long and arduous.
by IrishGeek November 03, 2010
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A pioneering pre-emptive application or approach of one's style preceeding other generic copies.
The ever-evolving definition of Rhythm & Blues epitomises genericism.
by jize July 18, 2008
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Retrofitting something specific to fit a broader application
I genericized the name of the sample company.
by JackRyan February 05, 2009
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The process to make into a generic product
The generic drug company, Sandoz, has had a success track record of genericization.
by PMZ2010 September 30, 2008
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