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The disease that plagues most people today. Inspires people to listen to generic top 40 music. Makes people less individual.
Mike: y'know jason is a real tool now
Rob: ya, generia got the best of him
by bollockmoney June 21, 2010
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Generia is a Conceptually Transmitted Disease spread by over-exposure to dull and unoriginal media.

Slowly and insidiously, Generia settles into the brain and permeates throughout the victim’s individuality and sense of identity, disabling basic cre-ognitive (creative-cognitive) abilities.

Generia is both preventable and reversible with the help of the creative specialists at the only Generia Clinic located in Toronto, Canada.
Frank, cheerfully: "I've really been enjoying Pitbull lately; the DJ and MC.
Stewart, in disbelief: "My goodness, man! You've got full blown Generia. There's help, let's find the clinic on Google.”
by R&P Doctor December 13, 2015
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A place that is absurdly generic, recognizable by its commonly defining feature of being indistinguishable from all fantasy settings. In fantasy world settings they are the towns known for using solely potatoes/grains for agriculture, only having one inn inside of the town, having a large number of human farmers who become adventurers, etc. Sometimes even having one of these characteristics can a town from an engaging and interactive into another slum fest.
"I will be playing the role of a human fighter who grew up in my parents wheat farm from Generia." He said in a serious but excited voice about his new character.

"I will make another female character with my anime art from a faraway land and name her after Generia. She will be an emotionless ice druid."
by Aicrocs February 08, 2019
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