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Generia is a Conceptually Transmitted Disease spread by over-exposure to dull and unoriginal media.

Slowly and insidiously, Generia settles into the brain and permeates throughout the victim’s individuality and sense of identity, disabling basic cre-ognitive (creative-cognitive) abilities.

Generia is both preventable and reversible with the help of the creative specialists at the only Generia Clinic located in Toronto, Canada.
Frank, cheerfully: "I've really been enjoying Pitbull lately; the DJ and MC.
Stewart, in disbelief: "My goodness, man! You've got full blown Generia. There's help, let's find the clinic on Google.”
by R&P Doctor December 13, 2015
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The disease that plagues most people today. Inspires people to listen to generic top 40 music. Makes people less individual.
Mike: y'know jason is a real tool now
Rob: ya, generia got the best of him
by bollockmoney June 21, 2010
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