Man posing online as a woman to get the attention of other men. First used by author William Gibson in his novel "Pattern Recognition" (2003).
There are no real women on that forum, just gender-bait.
by YellowTongue April 10, 2007
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When a person acts to defy their natural biology by mentally choosing their new biology opposition that can be a mixture of onset and opposition, or a new gender altogether that has never existed, and then expecting everyone to understand it's prefix and appreciate the person as is despite it making no sense.

A person born as a man, choosing to cross dress yet never receiving any hormonal therapy nor gender reconstruction, yet labels themselves a woman, and demands women privileges, and will withhold these critical details when trying to date, or make friends.

The same can be said about the opposite gender being female.
-Womens only Swimming Pool-

Example 1

Person: Hi, I would like to swim here please.
Administrator: That will be $3.25, and I will need to see your ID, please miss.

Person: *Gives money and ID*
Administrator: Uh, I'm sorry but you cannot swim here, this is a female only unit.

Person: EXCUSE YOURSELF! Are you blind? I am a woman!

Administrator: *scans ID again* Until your personal ID verifies you are a woman, you are not welcome to swim here, sorry.

Person: This is a total insult to who I am as a brave individual woman as myself. *Walks off in a rage*
Administrator: *thinks to themselves- thank goodness I didn't allow that gender baiter into the pool, I would of lost my job*

Example 2

Scott: How was your date with that girl last night?
Liam: It was horrible...
Scott: Why?
Liam: She was actually a HE, and didn't tell me, and when I asked questions about why they hid that important information from me they got offended.

Scott: That sucks to hear you experienced gender baiting..
Liam: Yeah, I'm pissed, don't tell the guys I got gender baited. They won't let me live this one down..
by Amish Stalker March 2, 2022
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