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1. (noun) what the fuck
2. (verb;)a situation in which one looks up a nonexistant word, not suspecting its existence upon Urban Dictionary, thus createing a new word and discovering intil recently the word does not in fact exists and than finds out there is no previous defintion while drinking pressured from friends he creates this word from a random combination of letters or sounds
3. noun; one who drinks while surfing the net
4. (noun)an small aquatic imp, with a green tinted yet transparent rubbery skin. often likened to a marine gummy bear with fins
5. (slang)induced insanity by communal will
6. meaningless mental retardation desperate to create meaning spontaneously out the ethers
1. (slang)Geleb David!
2. Hey look up geleb. What the fuck?
3. Once we're all gelebing, lets blog out our rants and eat microwave empanadas and than make bouquets out of flowers found on the ground after a streetfair.
4. I met three glowing gelebs crawling out the flooded mineshaft.
5. geleb collaboration got me locked in the asylum
by silly dragon July 21, 2008
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