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Geekyfantasticness combines techn-nerd overtones with the fine balance of rockstar undertones. Basically, a person who embraces their love and aptitude for technology but adds some hipster flair to the mix.
He's always wearing a hilarious or well designed (often Threadless) t-shirt, he's a master at Ruby on the Rails and he hits all my favorite shows with me. He's totally geekyfantastic!

She's a smokin' hott designer who codes her sites 100% CSS, screenprints her own t-shirts, and knows all the best indie bands before anyone else.

He's etched his own band logo into his wallet using a hacked-together printer driver and an etcher salvaged from the ruins of his second dotcom.

He's put a homemade iPod sleeve on the crossbar of his commuter bike.

Dude, she just Dodgeball'd saying Art Brut is playing a free show from a rooftop downtown.

This chic's so geekyfantastic, she just texted me she spotted Kevin Rose Digg while she was having drinks @ the Hemlock w/ the guys from Birdmonster.

Geekyfantastic as hell: He writes for Pitchfork on the side, and his Slashdot number is 37.
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