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A geekret is a secret that geeks (computer geeks/tech-heads etc) keep to themselves in order to exclude "normal" people. It could be used to describe a useful piece of information that solves a problem, or an acronym that is designed to exclude non-geeks.
I have spent years patiently closing multiple windows on my PC in order to view the desktop, then someone revealed a geekret to me that you press the Windows key with D to view the desktop.
by fastcakes September 21, 2009
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Origin: This word is a fusion between 'geeky' and 'secret' (sometimes spelled "geekcret" or "geecret")

1. n. An activity or ritual that one usually does in private and would be extremely embarrassed if caught in the act in front of another person. This act is generally not considered illegal, a fetish, or obsessive-compulsive; instead, it's typically very humorous if discovered.

2. n. An object or collection that one keeps privately and would be extremely embarrassed if revealed to another person. The object(s) are not illegal, a fetish, or found distasteful.
"Richard may be act like a macho man, but we found out his dirty little geekret: he puts nail polish on his toes and lotions his before he goes to bed every night and takes them off in the morning. Wait until the guys find out!"

"My geekret is that I babytalk with my girlfriend on the phone; I would be completely devastated if any of my guy friends caught me in the act."

Jane has a geekret collection of Yu-Gi-Oh cards, even though she's 38 years old.
by snowstone January 04, 2007
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