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The natural habitat of geeks. A very fragile environment, the disruption of even one small element could throw it out of balance permanently. That is why you must never pick on geeks.
Hey, let's go teach those geeks a lesson!

No, you don't want to mess with the geekosystem
by Bob882 October 26, 2004
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The curious and nerdy makers and dreamers that live in every walk of life. Individually and together they see things not just for what they are but what they mean and can become. Often found with first generation devices from Apple and Google, they congregate in celebration of their distinct traits in gatherings called "Geekfests."
We had a party last night with VCs, start-ups, brands and agencies. It was a total geekfest.

Sounds like the whole geekosystem was there.
by Geek Pride June 07, 2011
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