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derisive term used to describe any grouping of dweebs, geeks, nerds, et al who are about to collectively engage in an activity that will only bring further embarrassment, humiliation and shame upon all of them. 'Boat' is akin to the Titanic, sailing somewhat naively along, oblivious of the impending disaster about to unfold.
Friend : Hey, wouldja look at all the geeks lined up outside the Palladium for the Taylor Swift concert ?
Me: Good Gawd, don't they know there IS no Taylor Swift concert tonight ? That was just a bunch of wise-asses from school who put up phony posters all over town to see what dips would be dumb enough to show up !
Friend : Hey, you're right, and the door they're lined up at isn't the entrance, either. It's a makeshift corridor to the construction workers porta-john on the other side !! LOL

Me : LOL What a bunch of dopey schmucks !!
Friend : What a geek boat !!
by Virgin Suicides October 18, 2017
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